Our Story

We, Beth and Jan, first came across maté in California and Berlin, where sodas based on the South American maté tea are hugely popular, and became a little - no, massively - hooked on the unique smoky taste and the smooth caffeine lift that didn’t give us the jitters or make us crash. 

It seemed odd that no one was drinking it in the UK yet, especially because the soft drinks market is having a bit of a moment, so we started thinking about making our own. 

We developed our recipe over a couple of months, trying tons of different maté origins, tweaking and fine tuning the taste until we had a soda that was completely true to the taste of maté, and without any artificial ingredients. 

The stars aligned when a chance phone call got us chatting to some guys at a craft brewery in Bristol, and they were kind (or crazy?) enough to let us brew Heyday in their tanks. And just like that, Heyday Maté was born (tadaaaa).