Our Story

We're Beth and Jan, and we first came across maté after spending time in California and Berlin, where sodas based on the South American maté tea are hugely popular. We became hooked on the unique smoky taste and the smooth caffeine lift that didn't give us the jitters or a crash like other caffeinated drinks. 

Once back in the UK, we missed maté so much and couldn't get our hands on a good maté soda with a true maté taste, so we started thinking about making our own. 

The recipe was developed over several months, trying tons of the best maté origins we could get our hands on, tweaking and fine tuning the taste until we had a delicate, balanced soda without any artificial ingredients. Before long, we were brewing the first batches out of a friend's craft brewery. Fast forward a few months, and thousands of people have enjoyed Heyday Maté!


We hope you enjoy Heyday as much as we do! Beth and Jan x


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